Q: What are the hours for Swap-O-Rama?

  • Weekend hours 7am – 4pm
  • Alsip weekday hours open Wed 7am – 2pm
  • Ashland location every Thursday (outdoors only) 7am-2pm year round / also opened Tuesdays between April 18th and November 21st outdoor only between 7am-2pm
  • Melrose Park open every Friday year round 8-3pm

Q: What weekends are you open?

Every weekend (except if Christmas or New Year’s fall on a Saturday or a Sunday).

Q: How do I become a vendor?

If you choose to become a regular seller, go to the office of the flea market and arrange to have a permanent space.
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Q: Can I reserve booth space online?

No. All reservations are monthly and must be made at the flea market. You do not need a reservation in order to sell, only if you want the same space week after week.

Q: Can I sell food at Swap-O-Rama?

You cannot sell anything that is considered competition with the Snak-O-Rama snack bar. However, you can sell fresh fruit and vegetables and certain food items such as canned goods, and in certain situations boxed goods like cookies.

Q: Can I rent wheelchairs at Swap-O-Rama?

Not yet. But we plan on introducing this service during the coming year.