Family Fun at Your Local Flea Market

Are you looking for an interesting family adventure that won’t break the bank? Have you considered visiting Swap-O-Rama?

Here are seven reasons why you can plan on spending a full day there with your family.


One of the main reasons to shop at flea markets are all of the bargains. Since Swap-O-Rama has such a wide variety of different categorized items, you can find something–reasonably priced items for next to nothing, one-of-a-kind items, and items that you had no idea you actually needed until you find them–for just about everyone in the family.


It can be really enjoyable to look at antiques from the past with the family. Explore the past together and start up conversations about the history of the items you are looking at. Bonus, you never know if the antique you find is a hidden treasure worth lots of money.

Handcrafted items

Looking for something no one else is likely to have? Several vendors sell handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items. The more unique and rare the item, the more excited you’ll be about the purchase.

Local food vendors

Food vendors are popular at Swap-O-Rama, so fill your stomach, stimulate your taste buds and boost your energy (for more shopping!). Your support helps the vendor stay in business.

Homemade baked goods

Local bakers are always in attendance at Swap, selling a seemingly endless amount of sweet treats. You are usually able to sample goods before purchasing, so give into your sweets cravings and give back to your local community.


Swap-O-Rama regularly offers entertainment during the market’s regular business hours, from local singers performing and live remote radio broadcasts, to car shows and more.

Kids activities

There are plenty of children’s activities available at Swap-O-Rama. From toy shopping to the arcade we’re confident your kids will have a great time while mom and dad find the bargains.