To our valued customers and vendors,

Welcome Back! We are happy to announce that we will be open our markets! We have missed ALL of you and are excited to be back to serve you all. We want to make sure this experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone, so we have been working hard to ease any concerns you have moving forward. Below is a list of all of the work the Swap-O-Rama team has completed for us all:

✅ Sprayed, disinfected, and deep cleaned all areas of the building

✅ Cleaned and sanitized all entrances and exits

✅ Installed hand sanitizer stations

✅ Ordered PPE for all employees

✅ Provided traffic flow patterns inside buildings

As we move forward, we have provided some best practice measures for everyone’s safety. Please see below:

🔹 Please stay at home if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick
🔹 Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
🔹 Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from anyone at all times
🔹 Wear a face-covering/mask
🔹 Cover your cough/sneeze into your elbow
🔹 At-risk vendors and customers are highly encouraged to stay home

Restore Illinois Covid-19 Guidelines:

Guidelines for Vendors During Covid-19:

1. All vendors must wear a face-covering/mask covering (nose & mouth) at all times while on the property

2. Vendors need to provide their own sanitizer/cleaning solution for your space and your customers.

3. Vendors must use their own carts, wagons, tables, chairs, etc.

4. Vendors are to enter through the sellers gate; entering through the front door will count you as a visitor and will lower the number of visitors per square foot, per DCEO guidelines.

5. Vendors must comply with local and CDC guidelines.

6. Vendors must sanitize their selling booths often and frequently.

7. Vendors are strongly encouraged to allow for social distancing in their selling space. This may limit the number of people to go inside their space.

8. Vendors have the right to refuse business to any customer that is not following proper guidelines.

9. Vendors must submit the attached form to the office by end of sale day.

Pautas para los vendedores de Swap-O-Rama durante el Coronavirus

1. Todos los vendedores deben usar una mascara, que cubra (nariz y boca) en todo momento mientras esten en la propiedad.

2. Los vendedores deben proporcionar su desinfectante/solucion himpiadora para su espacio y sus clinetes.

3. Los vendedores deben usar sus propios carros, mesas, sillas etc.

4. Los vendedores deben ingresar a trave de la puerta para vendedores, ingresando por la puerta principal lo contaran como visitante y reducira la contidad de visitantes por pie cuadrado,

segun las reglas de DCEO.

5. Vendedores deben cumplir con las reglas locales y de los CDC.

6. Los vendedores deben desinfectar sus puestos de venta con frecuencia.

7. Se recomienda encarecidamenta a los vendedores que permitan el distanciamiento social en su espacio de venta. Esto puede limitar la cantidad de personas que deben ingresar a su espacio

8. Los vendedores tienen el derecho de rechazar negocios a cualquier cliente que no siga las reglas adecuadas.

9. Los vendedores deben enviar el formulario adjunto, a la oficina antes del final del dia de venta.